Most problems in Intruder alarm systems can be located quickly and easily if you bear in mind that an alarm system is like a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces need to fit together before the system will operate correctly. If we look at the system as a whole, it can become daunting, but if we break it down into sections and know which sections are responsible for which functions, fault-finding becomes a logical and simple process.

The next questions must be answered:

  1.  Is the fault permanent or intermittent?
  2.  If permanent is the fault visible?
  3.  How old is the installation?
  4.  Has there been lightning in the area recently?
  5.  If intermittent when do the faults occur?                                                                                              
  6.  Has the same fault occurred before?
  7.  Have building alterations been done recently? 
  8.  Have long power failures occurred?