Alarm System like most electronic commodities, do not last forever and care should be taken not to exceed the lifetime of a system as the probability of effective and accurate operation and detection will reduce proportionally to its age. Most detectors like Passive Infrared Detecrors has a life span of 5 years. An alarm system must be serviced at lease once(1) a year. At this service the detectors must be clean and the wirering in these must be checked as well. 

Battery’s that we use in alarm systems and gate motors have a life span of 3(three) years under normal working conditions.

A battery performing under a heavy load, may only have a short lifespan. Batteries or control panels installed in extreme heat may also have a reduced lifespan. If the battery voltage drop below 10.5 volt the battery loses 50% of its life.

False alarms that cannot be controlled:

  • User error – Users forgetting to disarm their system when entering the premises. No amount of training can eliminate these activations. We define these as accidental activations.
  • Power Failures – Municipal power failures and power cuts will ultimately result in low battery conditions, causing false alarms
  • Lightning – Lightning during heavy storms can cause false alarms.